Hey! I'm Ivana

My mission is to help you get leaner, healthier and stronger…
whatever your age.

I’ll help you change your relationship with food and exercise so you feel in control of your body.

I want to show you that exercise and balanced eating is something both enjoyable and sustainable for a lifetime, and not a quick fix for things you don’t like about your body.

My speciality is helping people with demanding careers fit exercise and effective nutrition into their hectic lifestyles.

My system is evidence-based and I support all my methods with science. You won't find any false promises or fat loss "miracles" here.


Here's A Little About Me...

In over two decades as a coach, I’ve developed the tools and flexibility to help you unlock your individual potential, even if you thought your peak physical years were behind you.

Your success is a combination of the right type and dose of weight training, a nutrition plan that takes into account your preferences, and the psychological tools to follow through with your plan.

I started martial arts as a child, earning my black belt in Shotokan Karate at 15 (I’m now a 3rd Dan) and competing internationally for 14 years. I completed a 10K run, half-marathon, and marathon in 2012 to prove that I could do it using way less mileage than most runners and a lot fewer carbs. 

I’ve struggled with digestive issues since 1998, and suffered from binge eating, food obsession, and mild depression as a result. Even while I competed successfully in karate, I felt flabby and unhappy. I was heavier at the age of 24 than at the highest weight of my pregnancy in my mid-30s!



Why You Should Work With Me



Much of the nutrition advice in the mainstream media is full of fads, unnecessary supplements and scientifically incorrect advice. 

My programs are focused on giving you maximum benefits in a minimum amount of time without having to go on a "cleanse" or eliminate the foods you love. Everything I recommend is supported by the body of research (not single cherry-picked studies!)



If you're ready to make some changes to your lifestyle to get the body you've always wanted, let me teach you how to do this in a fun, sustainable and scientific way.

There's no need to follow a fad diet or eliminate your favourite foods. You CAN have your cake and eat it too.



Are you willing to keep an open mind and go against some of the nutrition and exercise advice you see in the mainstream media?

Will you take the time you need to finally have a body that you feel confident in?

Do you want to get better with age? Do you want to prove that age is just a number?

My programs are designed to make it easy, and simple designed around your lifestyle. 

My Mission

My passion is helping people lead healthier, fitter, and more energetic lives.

I want to challenge people’s expectations about what can be achieved at every age. 

The better we take care of ourselves, the more we have to give to those that depend on us. 

There shouldn’t be guilt associated with taking time for ourselves. 

Your health and happiness should be a priority, and my online program, The Lean & Strong Academy helps with that. 

Let me show you how amazing you can feel.


Helping People Achieve Their Goals


Chris Kim, 38
Orthopaedic Surgeon

"I have been very happy with how my body is changing. My overall energy and strength have significantly increased since I began. I am in the medical field and it is refreshing to have a coach who understands human physiology as well as anatomy. Ivana’s approach is flexible and ensures that I get the best out of her program."


Alim Somani, 40, Entrepreneur

“When I started working with Ivana I hadn’t been doing any type of consistent physical exercise since high school. At the time I was traveling a lot, not eating well, sedentary, and dealing with the stress of a busy life. Ivana taught me to push far beyond any limits I thought I had. Over time physical fitness became a regular part of my life. Not only did my health improve, but I found that my stress levels also fell."


Kathryne Smallmejias, 39, Entrepreneur

"Ivana was a real inspiration. Knowing that she herself had a baby and just a few months later looked like her fabulous self again. I let her know that I too wanted to accomplish a similar fitness goal. So 4 weeks post pregnancy I started my fitness journey with Ivana’s invaluable guidance that's helped achieve my goal weight!"

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