Our Refund Policy

The Lean & Strong Academy Refund Policy:

In order to apply for a refund of The Lean & Strong Academy, you need to complete the entire course and show evidence that all the tasks/challenges were completed. The checklist in Module 12 must be completed. Three weeks of myfitnesspal data will need to be submitted, showing that recording has been done. The workout program spreadsheets (Workout Program 1 and Workout Program 2) need to be completed with dates, sets, reps, weights, and the cardio exercise tab, showing that all sessions have been done. Please send an email to [email protected] at least 12 weeks, but not later than 20 weeks, from your purchase date of the program. If you have medical conditions that prevent fat loss, you are NOT eligible to request a refund based on your inability to lose fat through the program.

VIP 1-On-1 Nutrition Coaching Refund Policy: There are NO refunds with this program. Once you have paid you have engaged Ivana's services and NO REFUNDS will be given. Please send an email [email protected] prior to purchase if you're interested in the program, but aren't sure if it's right for you.

* Lifetime - refers to the life of the Program. As long as The Lean & Strong Program exists, you will have access to the program.