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Here's What My Clients Have To Say...


Dr. Chris Kim, 

Orthopaedic Surgeon

"I have been very happy with how my body is changing. My overall energy and strength have significantly increased since I began. I am in the medical field and it is refreshing to have a coach who understands human physiology as well as anatomy. Ivana’s approach is flexible and ensures that I get the best out of her program."


Alim Somani,


“When I started working with Ivana I hadn’t been doing any type of consistent physical exercise since high school. At the time I was traveling a lot, not eating well, sedentary, and dealing with the stress of a busy life. Ivana taught me to push far beyond any limits I thought I had. Over time physical fitness became a regular part of my life. Not only did my health improve, but I found that my stress levels also fell."


Kathryne Smallmejias, Entrepreneur

"Ivana was a real inspiration. Knowing that she herself had a baby and just a few months later looked like her fabulous self again. I let her know that I too wanted to accomplish a similar fitness goal. So 4 weeks post pregnancy I started my fitness journey with Ivana’s invaluable guidance that's helped achieve my goal weight!"


The Lean & Strong Academy

Are You Ready To See REAL Results?

Get lean, get strong and keep it that way - long term! 

The Lean & Strong Academy is an easy-to-follow 12 week muscle-focused fat loss system, designed for men and women that enjoy weight training, but struggle to maximize their results due to inconsistent nutrition and training strategies.

No FAD diets, no BS. Let me show you how to create a sustainable strategy to get you in the best shape of your life at any age. 

Save $1000s on Personal Trainers and Nutritionists as I show you how to continually progress and not fall back into old habits with my evidence-based system. 

There's no better time than NOW to start.

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If we were to work 1-on-1 together, here's what it would cost for 4 months of coaching:

  • 4 months of 1-on-1 nutrition coaching | $4997/4 months
  • 4 months of training and exercise programming | $4997/4 months

With The Lean & Strong Academy, you get:

  • Mobility and stretching exercise library | A $97 Value
  • Monthly¬†access to my private community with direct access to Ivana | A $97/month Value
  • 400+ recipes to build lean muscle with MyFitnessPal barcodes | A $97 Value
  • 4 weight training programs (3 days a week) to get you through 6 months of training |¬†$147 Value/6 Weeks

ONLY $497 USD!

What's Included In The Lean & Strong Academy...


Your Lean & Strong Foundation

Measuring progress is an important part of getting - and keeping - results. You'll be guided through the process of tracking progress and making adjustments. You'll also begin:

  • doing Workout Program 1 (3 days of weight training per week)
  • Start recording your food intake to assess your current nutrition plan

Your Metabolism & Fat Loss

You'll learn:

  • How to evaluate your calories and macros to get results
  • Understanding body composition
  • Appetite regulation that's sustainable

This module will get teach you how to understand your metabolism and work with it vs against it. 


Nutrition Essentials 

Ivana guides you through how to plan your nutrition to get fat loss results without having to eliminate the foods you love. You'll learn:

  • The¬†importance protein plays in your fat loss goals¬†
  • How to analyze your personal nutrition and make it sustainable

You’ll finish this module understanding to how create a nutrition plan that's aligned to you and your preferences. No FAD diets here!


Setting Goals For Success

Having achievable goals is an important part of your success. Find out:

  • How to set strong goals and define your reasons.
  • How to create a meal plan that works for you
  • How to manage your lifestyle to achieve your fat loss goals

By the end of the module, you'll learn how continuously challenge yourself and progress - long-term.


Exercise For Fat Loss

You'll learn how to maximize your aerobic exercise for health and fat loss

  • How physical activity contributes to fat loss
  • How to incorporate cardio into your training that aligns to fat loss and cardiovascular health
  • The role of strength training when it comes to losing fat

This module will give you the foundations you need to make progress in and outside the gym.


Resistance Training Principles

Simply lifting weights is not always enough to get results. Maximize your time in the gym to  further your muscle and fat loss development. You'll learn:

  • The ideal training volume and frequency that maximizes growth and fat loss¬†
  • How to properly use progressive overload to build muscle and get stronger

Transform Your Relationship With Food

Arguably the most important module of the course. Feelings about food are often the main  reason why people fail at getting lean. You'll find out:

  • The importance of appreciating the process in small steps vs¬†worrying about the result
  • How you can integrate the foods you love ("treat foods") into your nutrition plan and still progress
  • How to use mindfulness when eating, and tricks and tips that help suppress cravings to help form new habits

You'll feel strong and in control of your eating habits - for good.


Stretching & Mobility

Being lean and strong is great, but without mobility you won't feel as great as you could. Integrating stretching and mobility exercises is crucial to feeling your best. You'll learn:

  • How frequently you should stretch
  • How incorporate mobility into your plan

Bring able to move without pain is something we all want. We benefit from being mobile at any age.


The Impact Of Lifestyle Factors

There's a misconception that you have to spend hours in the gym and eat nothing but chicken breast and broccoli to get lean. But managing crucial aspects of your lifestyle will help more than relentless devotion to extreme methods. Find out:

  • Why the last 1 hour before you go to bed is critical to restful sleep
  • How to make cardio fun and not feel like a chore
  • How the right type and amount of recovery increases your fat loss and muscle building

You'll get practical advice, rather than extreme changes that are  unsustainable for most people.


Advanced Strategies For Muscle Building

Keeping things fresh is important for our mental health and physical development. In this module, you'll learn advanced strategies that continually challenge you so you can progress. You'll learn: 

  • How to adjust sets and reps to progressively overload the body for¬† muscle growth and strength
  • How to design your own workouts to meet your specific goals
  • Fun challenges to push yourself to a new level

As important as the routine is, sometimes we need to make changes so we can feel better and push ourselves to new levels of achievement.


Dietary & Supplement Strategies:

We've all heard about supplements for fat loss and muscle building, but the reality is that there is a lot of hype out there without much benefit (and some risk!). In this module, you'll learn:

  • What supplements work, and how they should be used to support your goals
  • How to control portions and manage eating when traveling or enjoying vacation, and not feel deprived!

Whether you travel a lot for work, or have an active social life, you'll have the confidence and strategies to continue on your path towards a lean and strong physique. 


Living Your Lean & Strong Lifestyle:

At this point, you will be seeing some results. You'll understand how to maintain and most importantly feel better about yourself, be more confident and empowered to never fall back into old habits. This program is about progressive changes and learning how to sustain them. Find out:

  • How to keep making changes and adapt to new life challenges. Life can be hard, but I'll show you¬† not let it affect your hard work
  • How to challenge yourself in a productive way so it's helping you further your results
  • How to make more effective decisions that affect your nutrition and physique goals

While this is the end of the program, it's not the end of us working together. You can refer back to any part of the program, ask  questions in our private community and get updated workouts. This isn't about completing a 12 week program. You'll have the guidance and support you need to maintain your results!


New Workout Program Every 6 Weeks:

To ensure that you are progressing, a new weight training workout program will be released every 6 weeks for 6 months (4 workout programs in total).

You'll follow the progressive overload principle to keep getting muscle development.

You'll learn how to more effectively plan your own training for specific goals.


400+ Delicious Recipes!

Short on meal ideas?

You'll find plenty of high-protein meals/snacks/smoothies to choose from.

Each recipe has a MyFitnessPal barcode to make tracking calories and macros easier.


Direct Access To Ivana

While The Lean & Strong Academy will get you results, I understand how important it is to have support and get answers to your biggest questions.  The Lean & Strong Private Community allows you to share your struggles or get unresolved issues resolved. Having a community to lean on for accountability and motivation can be critical for success. You'll have lifetime access to the Community.


This Program Is For You If...

  • You enjoy weight training but aren't seeing the results you want.
  • Can't lose the last 10-20lbs. You've been able to lose some weight, but it comes back again.
  • Struggle with your nutrition and can't seem to stay on track.
  • You're ready to take action and get the results YOU want!
  • You want to feel confident in your body, improve your energy, and your mental health.

About Ivana

In over two decades as a coach, I’ve developed the tools and flexibility to help you unlock your individual potential, even if you thought your peak physical years were behind you.

Your success is a combination of the right type and dose of weight training, a nutrition plan that takes into account your preferences, and the psychological tools to follow through with your plan.

I started martial arts as a child, earning my black belt in Shotokan Karate at 15 (I’m now a 4th Dan) and competing internationally for 14 years. I completed a 10K run, half-marathon, and marathon in 2012 to prove that I could do it using way less mileage than most runners and a lot fewer carbs. 

I’ve struggled with digestive issues since 1998, and suffered from binge eating, food obsession, and mild depression as a result. Even while I competed successfully in karate, I felt flabby and unhappy. I was heavier at the age of 24 than at the highest weight of my pregnancy in my mid-30s!