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Stomach Vacuum Exercise Lying Down

Jan 27, 2024

I’ve already done a few videos about the stomach vacuum exercise.

In this video, I’m going to do the stomach vacuum lying down. This a variation that a few people have asked me about. And I’m also going to answer some of the questions that keep coming up.

I’ll talk about breathing, how often you should do the stomach vacuum exercise, and when you should do this exercise.

So it’s all in this short video.

When Should You Do The Stomach Vacuum Exercise Lying Down?

Now you can do the stomach vacuum exercise at any time of the day. But a lot of people find it easiest to do it first thing in the morning when they’re still lying in bed.

The most important thing is that you do this on an empty stomach. So you can do it any time of day, but make sure that your stomach is empty because of it’s full of food. It’s going to be quite uncomfortable for you.

Warning About The Stomach Vacuum Exercise

Anyone with high blood pressure should avoid holding their breath for any period of time.

How To Do The Stomach Vacuum Exercise Lying Down

So start by lying on your back on the ground with your knees bent, just keep your feet flat. And now you’re going to breathe in, expand your stomach out

Then you’re going to breathe out and then hold your stomach muscles in towards your spine. As far as you can.

Pull right in underneath your ribs, if you find that comfortable, the whole idea is that you’re just pulling everything in towards the spine, focus on your belly button and then the area underneath the ribs.

How Long Should You Hold The Stomach Vacuum?

And you want to hold this for 20 to 30 seconds.

If that’s too difficult for you, just try 10 seconds to start off and you can work your way up as you get stronger.

What If The Stomach Vacuum Exercise Hurts Your Back?

If this is hurting your back in any way, then it might be just because your lower back is quite tight. Or you may be pulling in a bit too hard. So just pull in a little bit more gently and release the tension on the back.

How Do I Breathe?

Don’t worry too much about the breathing.

You can either hold your breath while you’re holding the contraction. So trying to hold that for the entire 20 to 30 seconds. You can also do this just by breathing, continuing to breathe, but very shallow.

The important thing is that you’re getting the contraction you’re pulling in, and that will help you work the TVA, the inner abdominal muscle that we’re trying to target with the stomach vacuum exercise. So it’s just whatever works or whatever’s easiest for you.

So if you can only hold the stomach vacuum for five or 10 seconds at the beginning, don’t worry about it.

You’re working on 20 to 30 seconds.

How Often Should I Do The Stomach Vacuum?

And it’s good to do about two to three sets per session.

Just once a day is fine. I know some people like to do it every day, but I think two to three times a week is plenty.

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Ivana Chapman