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Look Great 365 Days A Year With My Lean365 Online Program.

Join now and get the my nutrition, workout and lifestyle program designed for busy professionals.

A Nutrition, Workout and Lifestyle Program Designed For Busy Men & Women Over The Age Of 35.

You’ve got a busy career, kids, and life; I get it, you can’t spend hours in the gym, and you need an easy to follow plan that gets results! My #1 priority are my clients, and I’ve designed my Lean365 program for people who are always on the go.

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Easy To Follow Modules
Minute Workouts 4x Per Week
Weeks Of Training Content
Exercise Videos & Workouts

For Less Than $1.56 Per Day To Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted.

To have a lean physique doesn’t mean all you have to eat is dry chicken breast and spinach. If you’re like me, I love my “treats” and my system is based on scientific-research and psychology. No crazy diets. No fads. No BS.

Here’s What One Of Our Clients Has To Say:

Alim-testimonial-image“When I started working out with Ivana I hadn’t been doing any type of consistent physical exercise since High School gym class. At the time I was traveling a lot, not eating well, sedentary and dealing with the stress of a busy life.

Ivana taught me and worked me hard and pushed me far beyond any limits I thought I had. Over time physical fitness became a regular part of my life. I had the confidence to work out on my own and not only did my health improve, but I found that my stress level also fell.

Thank you Ivana for getting me on track.”

– Alim Somani, Seasoned Executive & Entrepreneur – Canada

Get Lean. Stay Lean: Everything You Need To Get Lean For Only $47 A Month!

Your Monthly Membership to Lean365 includes:

  • Weekly guidance to move you through the Nutrition, Exercise, and Psychology & Lifestyle parts of the program, a little bit at time.
  • Step-by-step nutrition planning to build a lean physique without giving up the foods you love.
  • On-going Weight Training programs designed for the busy individual (4 days a week and less than 1hr each!)
  • Unlimited access to the Lean365 Private Facebook Group to answer your questions and get advice when needed. You’ll have access to Ivana & her team, as well as other Lean365 Members, for support and accountability.
  • Unlimited access to the growing library of our Membership Site: The Weekly Program, Weight Training videos, and Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies. Updated weekly to help you build a lean physique….and keep it forever!

You don’t need to spend $1000s of dollars to work with a personal trainer and nutritionist.

We can get you short-term results and long-term sustainability with our no BS, scientific approach.

We’ve worked with hundreds of men and women including athletes, fitness models, and business executives.

$47 CAD per month. There’s no risk. Billed Monthly. Cancel anytime.

Who This Program Is For…

  • Busy men and women who are committed to making changes to their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle with the goal of achieving a leaner and stronger body
  • People with some weight training experience (Intermediate to Advanced i.e. at least of 1 year of weight training experience)
  • Anyone with access to a fully equipped gym (dumbbells, barbells, cables)
  • Goal oriented individuals who love challenges, achieving success, and can STICK to the plan
  • Anyone who wants to have a hand in creating their own nutrition plan, based on their lifestyle and food preferences
  • Anyone who wants more accountability to help them stick to their goal of achieving a lean physique
  • People who are willing to challenge themselves and gain some practical workout, nutrition, and psychology knowledge along the way

Who This Program IS NOT For…

  • People with major health issues, unresolved/untreated injuries and major disabilities, smokers and heavy drinkers
  • People that make constant excuses and aren’t willing to make any adjustments to their nutrition, training, or lifestyle
  • Anyone looking for a very restrictive diet or for workouts that change every day and lead nowhere
  • Anyone who can’t follow instructions

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our members are saying…



You’re Protected By Ivana’s Promise

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“I have lost over 5% body fat in only three months…”

“Ivana has transformed my body! I have lost over 5% body fat in only three months and my fitness level hasn’t been this good in a decade. Highly recommended” – Omar Jabri, Senior Patent Attorney – Toronto, Canada

“Ivana is the real deal. She taught me how to train differently and safely, but more importantly how to make it enjoyable and incorporate it into my lifestyle. For that, I can’t thank her enough!”
Bill Baldasti - VP, Canada
“Workouts are great, today’s will kick my ass, but I’m ok with that!”

– Stephanie Alouche, Canada

Stephanie Alouche, Business Owner, Canada
“Ok, so I’ve got an important meeting this morning and I dug out my smart trousers. I bought them for a conference I did in October and they were so tight that when I sat down they gave me a stomach ache. Haven’t worn them since! This morning I thought I’d try them out and they not only fit but there’s a bit of room. Now that’s a good start to the morning. High five Ivana!!!”
Pam Aitch - UK
“I’ve worked with Ivana for 10 years and her advice has ALWAYS improved my game, both physically and mentally. Ivana’s philosophy and system with regard to nutrition and training, is a no bullshit approach that takes into consideration that everyone’s lifestyle is different. Things happen, and carrying tupperware everywhere is not always possible. I like to have the flexibility to eat what I want, but also stick to proven guidelines that get results.”
Ryan Chapman - Former Rugby Player, NZ
“Ivana is a fabulous coach that we would recommend to anyone interested in original, challenging and creative workouts that produce results. She is always pleasant, positive, professional, and has a great sense of humour. Ivana’s system and coaching, helped me increase strength and gave me greater body satisfaction. Ivana is a dedicated coach who is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and how to integrate healthy habits into your busy lifestyle. If you have the chance to learn from Ivana, it is a chance that should not be missed!”
Hannah Galway - Canada, Actress
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