Upper Body Mobility Exercises To Relieve Stiffness

Are you feeling a bit stiff in the upper body?

I’m going to show you some upper body mobility drills to help you relieve that pain and stiffness.

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Today I’m going to share five upper body mobility exercises that are help you relieve pain and stiffness.

And the last one is the easiest to fit into your workday.

So you’ll probably want to do it several times a day. I’ve actually already done a video about mobility drills to keep you flexible as you get older, you can check that one out over here.

So let’s get into it.

Threading The Needle

This exercise is called threading the needle. So you’re going to get into quadruped position with knees apart. And then you’re going to start by taking one hand and threading it through and then opening up and then through, and then opening up again. So I’m going to show you this one from the other side, reach through,

open up all the way through. So you can see that I’m rotating around the thoracic spine, loosening that up finish.

I recommend you do 10 on each side. Two sets of 10 reps for this one.

Cat & Cow

The next exercise is called cat and cow, and you’re going through two positions for this one. You’re also going to do this in the quadruped position,

and this is to mobilize the lower back and the shoulders. You’re going to see the whole spine mobilizing here. So I’m going to breathe. And then, uh, also tilting the pelvis to mobilize the lower back and then back down really curling the spine. This is a great, fine mobilization exercise.

You’re also going to feel some shoulder mobilization.

so try to do this one quite slowly and controlled.

I want you to do two sets of 10 reps and one rep is going to be both positions up in that one position. And then back down again.

Supine Arm Slides

Now the next exercise is supine arm slides, and you’re going to do this one on your back and what we call this defined position. Knees are bent, and now you’re going to bring your arms up just at your side there, bend the elbows. And I actually want you to try to come down a little bit closer, and then you’re going to slide the arms up, keep the hands touching and the elbows touching the floor as you’re doing this slide. So really trying to get the best range of motion for you.

Sometimes you can call these angels when they’re on the wall. This is a really great upper body mobility exercise. It’ll help relieve pain and stiffness in that shoulder area. So just keep it slow and controlled and keep pressing the backs of the risks and the elbows along the floor.

and I want you to do this one for 15 reps and you can do two sets.

Opening A Book

The next exercise is called opening a book.

You’re going to start lying on your back, bend your knees, and then you’re going to take the knees to the side, bring them together, arms out both of them at your side sides, straight out from your shoulders. And now I’m going to bring it together, the top one over and then opening it up. And you’re trying to keep your eyes and your head still towards that original arms. So you’re mobilizing the upper body.

As you open the arm up, you probably feel this in your chest and shoulders as well. We’ll do this fairly slowly. I’m going to show you from the other side as well. So both hands together, over here, nice up and together, and then I’m going to open it up and back. So I’m keeping my gaze in this direction, away from you. Sorry about that. But I just want you to see the other angle here.

Take it slow and easy with this one, do 10 reps on each side.

Arm Twists & Lifts

And the last exercise is arm twists and lifts. So I’m going to show you this in two parts.

The first one is the twist.

You’re going to start off clasping your hands together as tight as you can. You want to straighten out your elbows really pull down away from your away from your ears so that your shoulders are down. And then all you’re going to do with this one is gently move and twist from side to side.

You’re going to be opening up the chest with this one, stretching out the anterior adults, the front of the shoulders as well.

You’re going to do about 20 of these. That’s 10 from 10 to one side then to the other side.

And then you’re going to pause. I have about 15 seconds rest, then straighten the arms again.

Arm Lifts

And you’re just going to lift gently and back down.

This is going to depend a lot on your personal mobility. Not everybody can maintain a high lift for this. So you want to look straight ahead, keep your posture upright.

You want to keep this as a mobility exercise. So improving your upper body mobility by lifting and then returning it back. So you’re going to do 10 of the lifts as well.

Thanks for watching!

And I look forward to seeing you next week.

Ivana Chapman

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