The New Year’s Fallacy

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The holiday season is here.


We’re now in the middle of December so that makes it pretty official.

While this is super-exciting on many levels, you want to be wary of some things that happen at this time of year.

There are an endless array of festive events, shindigs, get-togethers, holiday dos, and bashes (can we say party in any other way?).


Most of these special occasions include food, and some may involve alcohol too.

This presents a challenge when planning your nutrition.

Some people decide, “Screw it! I’m going to live it up because it’s the holidays!”

Other people start to slack off as they get closer to the end of December, but decide that they’ll “get back on track” in the new year.

Here’s the problem.

All that extra revelry (without any plan) is going to result in extra pounds and a lot more work to do in the new year.

The New Year’s fallacy is that you can go crazy with food/drink and skip your workouts now because you’ll be able to make the massive lifestyle changes you need to lose weight in January.

It’s not going to happen.

This “Future You” that you envision isn’t any more committed than the current you.


All of your stresses and pressures aren’t just magically go away in 2019.

You won’t have a bunch of free time all of a sudden.

That’s why the best time to start working on that fitness and nutrition plan is now.

I actually prefer that my Online Coaching clients start any other month than January.

Not only because if you’re a great potential client then I can’t wait to work with you, but also because it gives me the chance to guide you through a challenging period.

Many people put off coaching until January when they think they’ll be better prepared to take on the changes required.

And you’ll have more time in January, right?

What inevitably happens is that January isn’t a whole lot different than now.


You may have fewer parties to go to, but you’re still going to be busy.

You’re always busy.

Everybody’s busy.

Especially if you have a career, a family, and a social life.

While there may be some slight peaks and troughs in your overall workload, few people get to the point where they don’t feel busy.

Maybe it’s just the way modern Western society works, I don’t know.

I’m not here to get philosophical about whether we should spend our lives meditating on a beach somewhere (probably not as great a lifestyle as you’re picturing!).

Personally, I’m happy with my busy urban lifestyle.

I love my work, spending time with family and friends, going out to special events, and traveling.

And yes, I’m busy.

I keep my workouts short and efficient, and that’s the type of plan I give to my Online Coaching clients too.

They’ve got a lot on their plates and they can’t spend all day in the gym.

They don’t have hours to spend making gourmet meals…nor do they want to do that.

Eating out is inevitable too, so I help them make the right decisions for their goals.


I work with what they want and what they need to get the results they want.

Let me be clear.

When I give an Online Coaching client a nutrition plan, it isn’t one of those silly, “No sugar, no dairy, no fried food, no fun” diets.

My nutrition advice is based on making small changes to what you’re currently eating.

You don’t need to give up sugar over the holidays.

I’m not going to tell you to give up alcohol for a month.

You won’t need to spend every day at the gym.


Because NONE of those things are necessary for you to lose weight, get fit, or feel better.

Is it wise to be a bit more selective about what you eat at those parties you’re going to right now?


But it’s not about all-or-nothing.

The process is about finding a lifestyle that’s enjoyable, sustainable, and gets you the results you want.

So whether you do it on your own or with my help, remember that you don’t have to give up all the foods you love.

You don’t have to cardio your brains out every day to get lean.

Start making the changes you need to make now so you’ll be heading into 2019 with some momentum.

Your future self will thank you.

Ivana Chapman

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Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman BSc BA CSCS is a Canadian fitness and nutrition coach, happy wife, and mom to an energetic 8-year-old boy. She is a YouTuber, writer, published fitness model, speaker, 3rd Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, former World Cup Karate Champion, one-time marathoner, and CBBF National level Natural Bikini competitor. She loves weight training and chocolate, not always in that order of preference.
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