Staying Healthy While Self Isolating

Hi, it’s Ivana.

For those of you that are new here, I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach.

I’m also currently self isolating with my husband and my five year old son.

We recently traveled to Costa Rica, so we’re doing our 14 days of self isolation.

My goal is to help you get fit, healthy and strong at any age.

And right now there’s a big focus on our health. Not surprisingly.

My upcoming videos will be slightly different in tone.

I’m going to be a bit more raw on edited, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be having any fun, so don’t worry about that.

Staying home is the right thing to do right now and I really want to help you through this process. I want to support you during this slightly more challenging time, so make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so that you’ll be notified every time I release a new video.

I’m going to be doing that every week I’m getting today. I’m going to give you five tips for staying healthy while self isolating, which obviously is key for me right now. Now, the last one that I’m going to talk about is so important right now. So stick around until the end. It’s not a long video, but I think I’ve got some important things that can really help you out.

Exercise While Self Isolating

I’m going to start with number one, and that’s exercise. If you’re still able to get outside, away from other people, then walk or jog or ride your bike or whatever you can do, do it. Get out there while you can really enjoy it. Uh, it’s a great way to clear your mind and feel a little bit better if you’re stuck completely indoors like we are, it may seem hard. I live in a condo, it’s less than a thousand square feet.

I know what it’s like. It can feel challenging to be in a smaller space, but when it comes to exercise, you don’t need a lot of space if you know what to do. Um, I’ve been doing dance parties with my son. We basically just turn on our favorite music and dance around like nobody’s watching.

It’s a lot of fun.

I lifted up in the air, I spin him around. It’s a great workout for me and honestly, those are some of the most joyous times of my life.

Some really great things can come out of this experience. You can also do homework outs with just your body weight. I’ve actually already created a video that I created as a travel workout, which obviously doesn’t work right now. Uh, but it’s perfect for doing a simple workout in a small space and I’m going to be doing some more of those type of videos for you as well.

Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to make sure you get notified when I do have those released.

I’ll be trying to put those out fairly regularly.

Eat The Best You Can While Self Isolating

And now my next tip is eat the best you can.

Getting food that you need, maybe more of a challenge right now. So don’t feel bad if it’s not exactly what you would normally eat.

Fresh veggies and fruit might not be available as much as they usually are.

Remember that frozen veggies and fruit are just as nutritious as fresh ones.

In some cases they’re actually more nutritious because they’re frozen at the time when they’re at the peak of, of their freshness. And then that maintains the nutritional value. They don’t have time to spoil like fresh food does protein sources as well. And they also be harder to get.

We ran out of chicken the other day, which is a major staple for us, so we had to improvise with some extra eggs and then we had some meat that was in the freezer, so we’d do frosted that canned fish like tuna and salmon can also be a good option.

Other canned food like beans and the goos nuts can also be a good choice for healthy fats. If you have nut butters, either peanut butter or almond butter or something like that, these foods can keep for a long time so you don’t have to worry about them going off. They can add nutritional value to your diet at this time.

Focus your meals on protein and veggies and then small amounts of starchy carbs.

Then you might want to have fruit afterwards. Maybe this as a dessert.

Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Tip number three, take care of your mental health.

A lot of people are talking about self care right now. It’s really important for me. It means taking the pressure off yourself to do everything perfectly. You don’t have to do everything exactly as you always do. Your kids won’t suffer if they have a bit more screen time than usual or my son’s case, a lot more screen time than usual.

I try to get my son to see this as an adventure.

It’s really, it’s early days and we’re healthy and that’s the main thing. We’re playing and trying different things.

Try to take care of yourself during this tough time.

Manage Sleep While Self Isolating

The next tip is sleep.

Now’s the time to really pay attention.

Sleep will keep your immune system in optimal condition and we definitely want that.

Don’t stay up late. Checking the internet for the latest updates about Covid-19 which is what I did for the first few days and it made me feel really anxious right before bed and I’m trying to change that now so I’m not doing it right up until the time I go to bed.

Give yourself an hour away from those devices before you try to go to sleep. You’ll sleep better and you’ll get to sleep better.

Find Gratitude

And now the last one, the most important tip is find gratitude.

This may feel hard in many ways, but most of us are lucky to be at home with the internet, with books, toys and games for our kids. If you’re lucky enough to be healthy right now, be grateful because many people aren’t. If your home is a and loving place, be grateful for that.

I’m really grateful for for my family, for my husband and my son.

I’m keeping in touch with the rest of my family.

There are people in this world living in fear for their lives and some have very bad home circumstances. So if you do have a loving home, be grateful for that. As we all face this challenge together, try to be grateful for what you have.

I live in a wonderful community. Last night one of our friends and neighbors delivered beer and chocolate, which we consider necessities for the weekend because we can’t go outside right now.

So I’m grateful for my family and my friendships around the world.

I’m taking the time to check in on everybody and make sure that they’re doing okay during this time. Uh, this is not just a stressful time for people who are sick, but also for people who suffer from depression and anxiety and those things. Please check in on those people as well.

How are you doing right now?

How are you coping with this situation?

What other videos would you like me to do to support you during this time?

Just let me know in the comments and I will do my best to provide the kind of videos that you want right now. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you soon.

Ivana Chapman

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