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My goal is to help you get leaner, healthier and stronger…
whatever your age.

I’ll help you change your relationship with food and exercise so you feel in control of your body.

I want to show you that exercise and balanced eating is something both enjoyable and sustainable for a lifetime, and not a quick fix for things you don’t like about your body.

My speciality is helping people with demanding careers fit exercise and effective nutrition into their hectic lifestyles.

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You CAN look and feel better than ever…
no matter what your age.

It’s time for you to get that lean, athletic body you’ve always wanted, even if you thought it was too late.

I realize that all the messages out there can be confusing. Everyone’s looking for “the next big thing” that’s going to make it easy get lean and muscular, without all the work. TRX, Crossfit, ViPR, Kettlebells…there’s nothing magical about any of them. 

Traditional cardio (spending hours on the treadmill, cross trainer, stationary bike, or jogging) is overrated. Too much may actually be preventing you from reaching your physique goals. 

They’ve got it all wrong about carbs too. Carbs aren’t bad (no food is really “bad”), but you may be having too many to get lean, and you may be having them at the wrong time.

With the power of a progressive weight training program, and the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat, I’ll show you how simple building your ideal physique really is.

You’ll need to make a few sacrifices and some dietary changes, but YOU CAN build the body you want. You’ll feel stronger and more energetic…like the YOU you were meant to be. 

And you can do it without giving up the foods you love or turning your life upside down.

In over two decades as a coach, I’ve developed the tools and flexibility to help you unlock your individual potential, even if you thought your peak physical years were behind you.

Your success is a combination of the right type and dose of weight training, a nutrition plan that takes into account your preferences, and the psychological tools to follow through with your plan.

I started martial arts as a child, earning my black belt in Shotokan Karate at 15 (I’m now a 3rd Dan) and competing internationally for 14 years. I completed a 10K run, half-marathon, and marathon in 2012 to prove that I could do it using way less mileage than most runners and a lot fewer carbs. 

I’ve struggled with digestive issues since 1998, and suffered from binge eating, food obsession, and mild depression as a result. Even while I competed successfully in karate, I felt flabby and unhappy. I was heavier at the age of 24 than at the highest weight of my pregnancy in my mid-30s!.

Finding the right system of nutrition and exercise finally gave me freedom from the yo-yo weight battles of my early adult years.

This method also helped me get in shape to win a fitness competition and do a published photo shoot as a fitness model nine months after having my baby. 

I want to save you the struggles I went through, and show you how to experience a leaner, stronger body than you’ve ever had. 

No juice fasting or deprivation around here!

I’m not going to ask you to eat salads all day long or start your day off with some sort of weird green juice that’s supposed to starve you to get lean. 

This is about using the foods you already eat, adding and subtracting things as necessary, to create an ideal plan for YOU. 

Real food for real life. YOUR life.

Being a parent means you’re under extra pressure to take care of others while you try to take care of yourself. It’s hard to eat well consistently, while also worrying about what your little one(s) are going to eat. 

And you can’t spend all day in the gym!


There are LIES out there

Much of the nutrition advice in the mainstream media is hurting your chances of controlling your appetite, balancing your hormones for easier fat loss, and reducing your cravings.

The most efficient workout for getting lean and building the body shape you want comes from weight training about 40-50 minutes, 3-5 times a week.

Maximum benefits in a minimum amount of time...because efficiency is what success is all about.

Is This For You?

Getting enough high-quality protein may help get you closer to your physique goals. "Cleansing your system” or trying to "become more alkaline” isn’t necessary or scientific.

Let me teach you how to revel in the foods that bring you the greatest joy and cut down on those foods that are hurting your potential to build an amazing body.

There's no need to follow a fad diet or eliminate entire food groups, unless you have an allergy or intolerance.

Can I help YOU?

Are you willing to keep an open mind and go against some of the nutrition and exercise advice you see in the mainstream media?

Will you take the time you need to finally have a body that you feel confident in?

Do you want to get better with age? Do you want to prove that 35+ is the best time of all?

Let me make it happen for you.

Ivana's Mission

My passion is helping people lead healthier, fitter, and more energetic lives.

I want to challenge people’s expectations about what can be achieved at every age. 

The better we take care of ourselves, the more we have to give to those that depend on us. 

There shouldn’t be guilt associated with taking time for ourselves. 

Your health and happiness should be a priority. 

Let me show you how amazing you can feel.

Help people improve their lives

Our modern lifestyles make it hard to stay healthy and feel good.
Stress can become overwhelming. We don’t sleep enough and we often become slaves to our devices.
I want to give people the tools to navigate this fast-paced world, to take better care of our bodies and minds.

Lead the fight against the world of misinformation

We live in a world where anyone can be an “expert” as long as they have a social media account and a website.
There are many charlatans in today’s world, trying to sell you their latest health supplement or dangerous fad diet.
Weight loss and muscle building is actually more simple than people make it out to be.
I simplify the process with my practical evidence-based system.

Promote a positive attitude towards aging

I want you to tune out the negativity about how hard things get when you reach a certain age. Let’s challenge the limitations that others place on us as we get older and battle against the notion of our bodies “going downhill” over time.

A lot of the supposed decline is due to sub-par lifestyle choices and letting the pressures of being an adult get to us.

Don’t go down without a fight!


Ivana is a lifelong natural athlete, a former international Karate Champion, and mom to an energetic 5-year-old boy.

She has written several articles for NSCA and Fitness Star Magazine, and has been featured as a fitness expert in Men’s Journal, Sparkpeople, and The List.

Her story has been published in Oxygen, Muscle Memory, and GORGO magazines.

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports ScienceUniversity of North London, England
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Commerce University of Toronto
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistNSCA
  • NCCP Level 1 Coach Karate
  • National Level Masters Bikini CompetitorCBBF (Bodybuilding)
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate


Entrepreneur by night, sales executive by day, pilot on the weekends…
and a dad and husband 365/24/7

Hey guys! My name is Ryan, and I’m the co-founder of Ivanachapman.com. My role is ensure that we operationalize the business by leveraging strategies I’ve learned in the business world working with the top technology companies. 

I support my lovely wife from a business strategy and operations perspective. In other words, I make sure that we’re providing the best possible experience for our clients across the globe. When I’m not working on Ivanachapman.com, I’m navigating complex business deals with Fortune 500 companies as Strategic Account Executive for a top technology company based out of the US


I understand what it’s like to be a parent with a busy schedule and life pulling you in a million directions. What’s inspired me to become a better and healthier person is following Ivana’s advice.

I know I’m biased, but Ivana has helped me personally navigate the tough times in my life. And whether it’s nutrition related (I love chocolate!) or when I’m not getting the results I want in the gym, Ivana always has the answer. Her mindset strategies have helped me succeed with my training and my career…and have also helped me manage my patience with our son Kai. 

That’s what inspired me to join forces with Ivana to build something special, geared towards the unique challenges we face as busy professional super-parents. 


Ivana and I met in Cairns, Australia, a small tropical town considered the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. She was backpacking up the East Coast of Australia, and I was training to become a professional pilot while playing competitive rugby.

Shortly after we started dating, Ivana began to train me in preparation for my upcoming rugby season. Within 12 weeks, I put on 25 pounds of muscle (and some fat!). With Ivana’s nutrition adjustments, I leaned down to 240lbs.

In 2009, we moved back to my homeland, New Zealand, in pursuit of a professional rugby contract. In my 3rd pre-season game, I broke my ankle on my 21st birthday – great present, right?!

We were in New Zealand without jobs, very little money, and some sour lemons. Life was tough. I was lucky enough to have Ivana by my side to guide me through this phase of my life.


On April 21st, 2011, we moved to Toronto, Canada without having any real plans. It was the best decision I had ever made, besides asking Ivana for her number. 😉

In 2012, we got married in Barbados and in 2014, our son Kai was born. We’ve created a family and lifestyle that makes us feel complete. 

When you become a parent, it’s very easy for your personal goals to fall by the wayside. Ivana and I knew that if we weren’t taking care of ourselves, then we wouldn’t be able to take care of Kai to the best of our abilities. We want to raise Kai to be a confident, happy and caring person, and we also want to inspire him through our actions.

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, and this is why we’ve built programs that are tailored to busy parents that want to get fit and healthy. 



I’m most passionate about helping others.

I’m an aerobatic pilot and have competed around the world, and love sharing my joy for aviation. When I’m not in the boardroom, working on the business, or flying, you can find me hitting the weights hard in the gym. As a former athlete, I place high value on staying in shape. 

While it seems like I have a lot on my plate, I ALWAYS put my family first. I never miss an important event, I spend quality time with Kai by building structures, playing sports or teaching him math, and I support Ivana any way I can…while making dinner most nights. 

It’s possible to have all the great things that life has to offer. Having the right strategies for eating and exercise can save you a lot of effort and get you the results you want.


I used to struggle with nutrition. I would stick to a strict diet for a certain period of time and then the beer and chocolate would call me again. I thought that I could only achieve my physique goals through deprivation. 

I was so wrong! 

With her simple and scientific approach, Ivana showed me how to get lean, and stay lean year round while still enjoying the foods I love.

A lot of people put too much emphasis on dieting or eliminating certain foods, when the issue is more to do with their relationship with food and exercise. 

Ivana specializes in helping people change how they feel about food and exercise. Ivana also showed me that cardio wasn’t necessary for fat loss. She told me that I didn’t need to spend two hours in the gym to get a workout. Now that I’m a dad, I don’t want to waste my time in the gym. I’m in and out in 45-50 mins (sometimes less!) and I’m in better shape than ever before.

If you decide to become a client of ours, it won’t just change your body…it will transform your life!

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