Nutrition Coaching

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The Ideal Nutrition Plan Is

As Individual As You Are

Let Me Help You Find The Right Plan For YOU

Change the way you think about food and you’ll be able to change your body. 

I specialize in helping people change their relationship with food.

Let me show you how to integrate the right nutrition changes into your life.

Do you want to learn how to transform your body with nutrition?

I’ll change how you think about food.

Online Nutrition Coaching is a completely individualized program designed for your particular nutrition needs. 

NO fad diets, NO detoxes, and NO BS.

You’ll Learn How To Eat To Be Healthy And Lean:

  • Without avoiding gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, fat, or all "junk food"
  • WITHOUT any detox or juice fasting
  • WITHOUT traditional dieting
  • WITHOUT having to carry around all your food in Tupperware containers
  • WITHOUT giving up your social life
  • WITH 100% enjoyment!
I want to save you all the time and aggravation of the diet roller coaster.

Let’s get it right  RIGHT NOW.

Why Should You
Work With Me?

I’m a busy mom of a 5-year-old with a lifelong passion for fitness and nutrition.

My degrees are in Sports Science and Psychology, and I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA. I keep up-to-date with the latest nutrition research and perhaps more importantly…I’ve learned how to properly evaluate research (and make sense of all the crazy headlines you read!).

Ask me anything! I’ll give you an evidence-based answer, probably with a personal experience or that of one of my clients.

I do things a bit differently and I’ll tell you what you need to hear, and not what you want to hear.

I will challenge how you think about nutrition.

No more jumping on and off the diet train.

Your yo-yo dieting days will be done!

That’s my promise to you.


While many of my clients use Online Coaching as an ongoing means of support through life’s inevitable challenges, you’ll learn so much in the first three months that you may not need it.

  • An Initial Assessment of where you are and how you can best achieve your goals
  • Mindset Coaching to help you overcome psychological barriers to your progress (habits, associations, overcoming negative influences in your life)
  • A Nutrition Plan for your particular needs and preferences
  • Focussed 30-minute Coaching Call/Skype/FaceTime session every week for accountability and to trouble-shoot any issues you’re having
  • 12 weeks of educational emails to help you understand key parts of the nutrition program to optimize your results
  • Tips for choosing the right foods while eating out, on the go, or traveling for work or pleasure

As well as a personal coaching call/Skype/FaceTime session with me every week, you’ll receive unlimited email
support with any nutrition and psychological issues that come up.

I’ll be there to support you through any setbacks and help you clear any hurdles that arise.


* 13% HST will be added for Canadian Clients

What You’ll Get From Me

I’ll change how you think about nutrition permanently.

You’ll feel empowered to make decisions every day to get you closer to your goals, whatever they are.

You’ll get on the road to the body of your dreams…and learn how to maintain it.

Eat the foods you enjoy, feel energetic and confident, and get in control physically and mentally.

This isn’t just about what you eat.

It’s about getting the life you want with Online Nutrition Coaching.

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