My Vacation Plans At An All Inclusive

Hi guys, this is Ivana.

Today I’m going to do something a little bit different on my channel.

I’m gonna just going to talk about my vacation plans at an all inclusive, which is something that’s coming up very soon.

My family, my husband and my son and I are heading to an all inclusive in Costa Rica, so we’re very much looking forward to that.

I often as a fitness and nutrition coach get asked by my clients or just people I know what I do on vacation to stay in shape.

I always find that the question quite interesting and if you’re curious what someone who makes their living in fitness and nutrition eats and does on an all inclusive vacation? Well you’ve come to the right place of course.

Our Vacation Plans

My husband and I, even before our son was born, had been going to all inclusives regularly.

We liked the tropical hot weather and since our son was four and a half months old, he’s also been going on vacation. So we did one to two all inclusives a year. It’s a good way to feed my husband who has a large appetite.

We just like being able to pick and choose the food that we’re eating. We also like the range of activities that the resorts.

I’m going to go through and talk to you about how we normally do it and we’ll planning for this vacation.

My Vacation Plans For Exercise & Food

I’m going to talk about two things.

The first side is going to be the physical activity and exercise side.

And the second is going to be the nutrition aspect of the vacation.

My Vacation Plans For Exercise

In terms of exercise, you might be surprised to hear that we don’t really go to the gym now, even though when we’re at home, we tend to work out.

We’ll do maybe four or five days in the gym, sometimes six, depending on our schedules.

When we’re on vacation, we just want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

We’re just out there being as active as we possibly can.

We’re in the water with our son splashing around.

Fun Activities In The Sun

We’ll do whatever water sports are involved.

We’re going to walk and we might take a tour or two just to see things and walking on the beach back and forth and back and forth and chasing a five-year-old.

Honestly, it burns quite a few calories, so we don’t really bother with the gym. We give ourselves a week off from weight training and we just do the regular physical activity stuff.

Using The Gym At All Inclusive Resorts

The only time that we’ve ever used the gyms at a resort is when it’s been raining and there was nothing else to do.

And I think that was also when our son was very young, so he had to sleep.

So one of us would watch him while he was sleeping and then we’d trade off to go to the gym, but only if it was raining because if it was a nice outside or outside, we’re on the beach or we’re by the pool and that’s just the way we prefer it.

I find that my physical activity is much than my energy expenditure is much greater than it would be at home. Often I spend a lot of time prepping videos and scripting videos.

I talk to clients online.

So I spend a lot of my time in front of the computer.

Like a lot of you do. You’re probably sitting at a desk for many hours a day.

A lot of times we’re quite sedentary. So on vacation you might find that it’s actually easier to burn more calories.

Unless of course you’re one of those people who just lies on the beach with the book. And doesn’t come up unless they’re trying to get more food.

In that case it might be a little different for you.

You might want to build in some physical activity. But for us, we love to be active in the outdoors and that pretty much covers all our exercise.

Food & Drink

Now for the food!

I really enjoy food at all inclusives. Buffets, buffets, buffets.

My Vacation Plans – Drinks

Now I’m not much of a drinker. My husband and I tend to have like a couple of beers here and there.

Maybe I’ll try a little fruity drink, but it’s pretty rare for us to have those, those types of drinks. So that’s where a lot of people add tons of calories. If they’re sipping those sugary drinks all the time, you may have like 400 calories in a small glass and yes, they may re really cute and they have little Barillas in them, but they are full of sugar and it’s so easy to drink up those calories.

So that’s one minefield that we kind of avoid. Um, I will have some, like I’ll have a couple of beers here and there, maybe wine depending on my mood. Um, my plan is, yeah, just to have a couple of beers here and there.

Choosing The Right Food

In terms of the food, well, I have to be a bit strategic with this because there are a lot of enjoyable things at these resorts.

I’ve even seen a video from the resort we’re staying at where there’s a chocolate fountain and fruit.

That just looks delicious and there is no way that I’m going to avoid a chocolate fountain. So I always try to leave some room for those types of traits. In the tropics there’s a lot of fruit around so that can be quite filling and that can keep you full with low calories.

For me, that’s actually a good option.

I always try to get my protein in first too.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

In the morning they often have eggs, so I’ll select eggs. Whatever proteins are available in the morning.

A lot of places will have fish as well.

And same thing for lunch. There’s always a base of the protein, whether it’s chicken or fish. I

don’t eat red meat myself, but my husband and my son will have some sort of red meat probably in one meal of the day at least.

In the evening I tend to do the same thing. Whatever seafood is available. When you are in these kind of tropical places, you want to take advantage. Try the local specialties so you there might be different spices and that type of thing. I have to be a little careful cause I do have a sensitive stomach but I do try the local stuff.

Occasionally I’ll have the odd fried thing even though that’s something that definitely doesn’t agree with my stomach. But I like to experiment a little bit. I just have to be careful.

What Do YOU Do On Vacation?

Comment below what you do on vacation.

Do you get to the gym first thing in the morning and then spend the rest of your day outside?

A lot of people do that. ‘

I advise my clients who really want to work out during their trips that they can do that. Do you just go full on at the buffet and just everything you want and all times. For me it’s really about having small amounts of the things that I want to try and not going overboard. You will see a pancake again, you’re probably going to see the same stuff at the buffet again for another day. So there’s no reason why you have to eat all the things that day.

I hope you enjoyed my summary of what I plan to do on my vacation in Costa Rica.

Ivana Chapman

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