Low Impact Cardio Workout For Beginners & Intermediates

If you’re working out at home and don’t have any cardio equipment, I’ve designed a low impact cardio workout for beginners and intermediates that you can use instead.

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How To Do This Low Impact Cardio Workout

For this low impact cardio workout, I want you to follow along with me as best you can.

Keep it at the pace that you want to go so you can slow things down. Speed it up.

If you don’t like a particular movement, just continue with the previous movement.

When the movement is too challenging for you, just slow it down. If it’s not challenging enough, then pick up the pace of it.


And an important note about this workout.

This is not a hit workout or an interval workout.

This is a cardio workout. So you want to keep a steady pace throughout. You want to keep your heart rate up and keep it going. And you should be able to just barely talk. So you just want to get your heart rate up without burning yourself out.



Side Knees

Alternating Tapbacks

Alternating Knees

Side Taps


Rocking Horse

Twist Punch

Cross Country Skiers

Side Bends

Arm Circles

Shoulder Circles


Double Knee Lifts

Bend & Reach

Knee Twist

Body Twists


Side Leg Lifts

Knee Drives

Rock Climbers

Front Kicks

Stepping Burpees

Hip Circles

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