Learning to Love Mondays

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Every day should be a great day…even Monday.

Anybody have a tough time getting going this morning? For many of us, it wasn’t just a Monday, but the first official working day of 2014 after a bit of a holiday break.

Mondays can be a challenge for many people, as it’s the day they transition from lying on the couch watching sports and/or late-night socializing to early morning starts and a fixed daily schedule. The extended period of revelry and glutinous food may have taken an even bigger toll than just a weekend.

While most people agree that the freedom and flexibility of the weekend is enjoyable, if it’s the only happy time in your life then there’s something wrong with your life!

Does work suck?

If you hate your work so much that you’re filled with dread equivalent to a possible apocalypse every Sunday night, then you need to change. You should enjoy your work (at least most of the time) and feel like you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose every working day. If not, it’s time for a change.

If you’re dreading going to the gym or don’t look forward to at least some aspect of your workout, then you’ll have a hard time being successful there as well. You need to find something to love about what you’re doing for your workouts…or find a different type of workout.

Don’t like what you do at the gym?

If you aren’t enjoying your gym time then it won’t be sustainable and you’ll find yourself jumping on and off the fitness bandwagon repeatedly without long-lasting results. Mondays can be the week’s equivalent to a new year (remember that feeling of optimism only a week ago?) and give you the opportunity to start fresh with your work and your workouts.

Think of Mondays as a weekly gift of renewal and opportunity.

Don’t let your Mondays go to waste!

Ivana Chapman 

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