Increase Hip Mobility To Do The Splits

Do you want to increase your hip mobility to do the splits, or do you just want to improve flexibility around the hip? Watch this video and I’ll show you hip mobility exercises to loosen tight hips.

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Hip mobility and flexibility becomes increasingly important as we get older.

Tight hips can cause knee and back pain and limit your movements. Getting the necessary range of motion improves, whatever exercise or sport you’re doing.

I’ve worked with tons of clients over the past 20 years to increase their hip mobility, particularly men over 35, who tend to suffer from tight hips.

I’m going to take you through some hip mobility exercises to get you to the splits. At the end, I’ll show you my two favorite stretches to improve hip flexibility. So before you start these exercises, it’s a really good idea to do a warmup 10 to 15 minutes. So we’re starting off with the hip rock and you’re can keep your knees 90 degrees And just twist from side to side, rock the hips and loosen them. Once you do about 10 rocking side to side, I want you to focus just on one side, doing that internal hip rotation On one side and then 10 on the other side.

Butterfly For Hip Mobility

Now we’re going to move on to the butterfly. You’re going to be moving up and down. When you’ve done both legs together, focus on one side.

Now you’re going to move into the traveling butterfly. So your legs are straight and then you’re gonna move forward and then straighten all the way back. That’s going to pretty tricky and quite challenging as well for the shoulders. As you can see,

Cossack Squat To Improve Hip Mobility

Now we move into that Cossack Squat. So you’re going from heel to heel and moving side to side. You want to keep your hips quite low to the ground, to the deep lunge position. And you’re just going to move it around. Roll around in the hip for this one.

You want to keep pushing the knee out to the side as well.

Deep Squat For Hip Mobility

Down into a deep squat,
Just keep moving it around. Use your elbows to push the knees out to the side. You see there’s a lot of movement going on here for all these exercises. I want you to do a lot of movement. Move around through your range of motion. Now drop one knee to the side at a time and switch from side to side. So you’re getting the internal rotation of the hip. And the last part before actually going into this splits is the middle splits reach. So just bounce through the legs gently And try to keep stretching out that way.

And then down into the splits.

Stretches To Improve Hip Flexibility

Now I’ll show you my two favourite stretches to help improve hip flexibility.

The first stretch is pigeon you might’ve seen it before on the floor. There is do it often in yoga, but I find this one is a lot better for people who have tight hips who really want to work on the glutes.

Modified Pigeon

You’re going to bring the knee up onto a bench and you want to bend it about 45 degrees to start and you want to work your way out and that’s more challenging. So if you bring it close and your hamstrings and your calf are together, then that’s really easy.

You want to bring it out and work your way into it. Your knee at the bottom and your hands are supporting your weights or just control the amount of pressure that you’re using this condition quite painful. And if you find it too easy, then work your way, twisting your chest towards the knee at the top.

You’re really going to feel this one in there right here is you’re stretching.

Hip Flexor Stretch (Psoas Stretch)

My other favourite stretch is the hip flexor stretch.

This one is specifically for the psoas muscle. The psoas is the hip flexor muscle that originates in the lower part of your lumbar spine. It goes through the pelvis and then inserts into the femur. That’s your thigh bone.

If this muscle is tight, you’re going to find that it might pull your pelvis and you can get back pain from this. You can throw your whole spine out of alignment.

So you gotta come quite close let’s to the bench, run that knee down and the other foot is coming up and you’re supporting yourself there. Now you see this one a lot and it’s pretty common. But what I like about this particular style of doing it is that you’re going to squeeze the glutes.

And that means that’s going to change the position of the pelvis, and you’re going to get a better, you’re going to get better access to the source muscle there. So squeeze the glues. And for me, that’s enough. I already feel it it’s super tight. You may feel quite a painful sensation there as well.

So squeeze the glutes. If that’s too easy for you, you can keep bringing yourself closer to the bench to bring the bench closer to you, bring it right up and keep squeezing the glutes or, and that’ll help stretch out the psoas on that side.

You also want to switch over, maybe hold this for about 15 to 20 seconds and then switch sides.

Feeling Better?

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Ivana Chapman

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