How To Stop Binge Eating And Lose Weight For Good

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Is your binge eating, getting in the way of your health, happiness, and weight loss?

I’ll show you how to reduce your binge eating and lose that weight for good.

Today we’re going to be talking about binge eating, which can be a serious problem for some people.

Now we all have times when we experience overeating. So you might be at a holiday event and you’re grabbing a second plate or you’re having a whole bag of popcorn when you hit the movies. Or sometimes you just that tub of Ben and Jerry’s, you know, you finish the entire thing and that kind of occasional overeating, yes, it’s going to affect your weight loss, but binge eating on a regular basis can actually be a very serious disorder.

Binge Eating Is A Mental Disorder

Binge eating disorder has been classified since 2013 in the diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders.

It falls along the same lines as anorexia and bulimia. If you’re a frequently binge eating and you feel guilt about that and it affects the quality of her life, then that actually becomes an eating disorder.

Whether or not you fall into that category, I’m not sure, but I want to help you deal with binge eating even if you’re doing it just occasionally and it’s not technically a mental disorder as far as you’re concerned.

If you do need help, I’m going to include a link below for eating disorders both in the U S and Canada because if you need professional help, then you’re probably not going to get the answer on YouTube.

Please speak to someone specifically about that today.

I’m going to talk on an a more general basis, the kind of stuff that most of us experience, the binge eating and overeating that almost everybody experiences at some point or another and how you can deal with that.

I’m going to break it down into five simple ways that you can help overcome binge eating and overeating and stick around to the end because number five is the one I consider absolutely essential for overcoming binge eating long term.

Avoid Restrictive Diets

I am not a huge fan of fad diets, not that they don’t have a place at certain points and there are medical conditions for which certain diets may be appropriate.

However, in general, restrictive diets where you’re eliminating certain food groups or where you’re just not allowed to eat things for no particular reason, or you have to eat something like say celery, and that’s supposed to be the basis of your diet.

Those diets don’t really develop a healthy relationship with food. You’re going to find that you’re always missing something. You’re probably craving certain things. That’s going to lead you to overeat at some point because your willpower only works for a certain period of time and then you give up.

You see that pizza and you want that pizza or you want that ice cream.

The Diet That Caused Binge Eating

I actually went through a period where after I’d had it, years of digestive issues, I was going through a diet that had been given to me by, it was a naturopathic practitioner. A very typical one at that. It was no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, except that I was allowed to have fruit for some reason.

I followed this diet for about four and a half months and it was very, very, very restrictive and challenging to follow. I became almost obsessed with food and I would have dreams about food.

So I’d be dreaming that I’d be at a buffet. Then all of a sudden in my dream I’d be scared that, Oh my God, I just ate something that had a little bit of gluten in it.

And what’s that going to do?

For that purpose, I wasn’t doing it for weight loss. And though for this, I’m kinda trying to focus this video for weight loss, but I was doing that in order to try to heal a digestive condition.

My motivation was very strong.

However, it’s still not possible and it’s usually not necessary to have such an excessively restrictive diet. And that’s one of the reasons why people end up overeating and binge eating because they just can’t maintain it. So avoid restrictive diets.

Give Up Your All-Or-Nothing-Mentality

This was a really big one for me for a long time. And I have a couple of clients, they know who they are, who this is a problem for also. It’s also a big thing. So they’re okay as long as they’re following the plan.

I was okay following a very strict plan and then after a while it’d be like, Oh no, it’s not important anymore.

So if I have chocolate that one time, then it all spirals and then all of a sudden I have chocolate and ice cream and all the other things that I really love to eat and that I had restricted myself from eating. And in some cases people will also give up exercising.

They think it’s okay if they’re following the right nutrition plan day to day, like they’re following some sort of restrictive, perhaps it’s clean eating or something like that.

Changing Your Lifestyle

So they’re following your restrictive plan. Then they’re exercising and they have to be doing everything or they’re going to do nothing.

Rather than just incorporating small changes into your life, you’re deciding that it’s only working.

If it’s 100%, like if you’re fully committed, then that’s the only way it’s going to work.

A lot of people avoid getting coaching. For instance, I’ve had people contact me and say, well, I’d like to get coaching but I’m going on holiday in next month. I don’t think that there’s any point. Because you know, it’s all going to go awry in, in a month because I’m going on vacation.

So that’s not really how it works. In order to manage your lifestyle appropriately and have longterm success with weight loss, you need to allow treats into your day. You need to have some chocolate once in awhile.

If that’s your thing, you need to have some French fries once in a while if that’s your thing.

Otherwise it’s just not going to work.

Yes, you can lose, you know, 10 pounds by following a very restrictive plan, but how long are you going to be able to keep that up? You can’t just be all in all the time.

Things will happen in your life.

You might get sick, you might get injured, your kids might get sick. You know, some of you might have a death in your family, something will happen and then you’re going to get thrown off. But that doesn’t mean you throw out the exercise.

It doesn’t mean that you just start eating junk all day long and that’s what your new decision is. You can have a more, for lack of a better word, moderate way of managing your lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight.

So you need to give up that all or nothing mentality.

Work On Building Your Self Esteem And Your Confidence

It’s actually shown that people who engage in binge eating and overeating behaviors tend to have lower self esteem. So building your self esteem is a really key thing and it can be very hard.

A lot of us have things that go back in many, many years.

People who criticized us and we’ve taken that on board.

You need to build your confidence first from your strengths.

What are you really good at?

Are you really strong at the gym?

Are you a really good singer?

A great mom or a great dad?

Are you really good at negotiating meetings?

What Are Your Strengths?

You need to focus on those things. Start to build your self esteem and how you feel about yourself. Confidence and just feeling like you have the ability to deal with challenges is going to go a long way.

A lot of people will overeat or binge eat when they’re in stressful situations. Or when they feel like maybe someone’s let them down or they’ve had a really tough time. Maybe someone’s criticized them and that’s why they go to overeat.

If you build your confidence gradually over time, then other people’s feelings about you are not going to make such a difference. You need to feel strong in yourself.

My purpose in terms of my entire business as a coach is to make people feel fit, healthy and strong.

But strength is not just physical strength.

Strength is also mental strength.

So you need to know that you’re a good strong person, that you can handle whatever life throws at you. And if you feel that you’re a confident person, you have high self esteem, you’re going to be less likely to overeat or binge eat.

Find Ways To Deal With Negative Feelings To Avoid Binge Eating

Not food.

Of course, a lot of us use food to deal with negative feelings.

A lot of us suffer from emotional eating.

If we get stressed or anxious, then we turn to food.

I have done this many times and I did experience binge eating in the past in my twenties I had a period of several years where I experienced binge eating and every time I had difficult feelings, I would have binge eating episodes. Exercise is one of those things that can help you deal with negative feelings, but it doesn’t work in all circumstances.

It does work for me now where I’m in a more confident, secure place and if I just feel tense or anxious or irritated about something, I can go to the gym and kind of work that off and I feel better afterwards and it can release a lot of tension.

My Experience With Binge Eating

However, at the time that I was experiencing binge-eating I, I was exercising a lot. I was exercising quite regularly. So it, it didn’t help me in that way. Like part of it was my frustration with not being able to exercise the way that I wanted to because I had digestive issues. I started to feel depressed about that and then I would have binge-eating episodes as a result. The exercise that I was doing wasn’t enough to kind of get me through it.

There are other things that can help you manage your negative feelings.

So mindfulness, meditation, some people like yoga. Those kinds of things can be useful for helping you find out what’s going on underneath. It’s also important not to wallow too much in those things.

You need to take action.

In a lot of cases, it’s best to get support from others. Especially if you do think that you have a disorder that is significant and medical, so you definitely want to deal with that and get some professional help for that.

But if you, if you just need a little support, then it’s a good idea to join. Just a simple support groups. Sometimes just a fitness and nutrition group.

My clients have a private Facebook group, and I have people supporting each other through that group because we all have similar challenges.

If you just need to talk to a friend. Make sure you reach out to someone and say, “Hey, I’m just, you know, I’m having a rough time.”

Try to reach out to others because if you fall into yourself, you’re actually more likely to be binge eating and overeating.

So reach out for help when you need it.

Let Go Of The Guilt About Binge Eating

Guilt really doesn’t help you at all if you’re feeling guilty about overeating or about anything else, it’s only gonna make things worse.

If you feel guilty, you feel bad about yourself, you feel bad in general, and that’s only going to lead you to probably more overeating and binge eating. And a lot my clients have told me that they fall into this cycle when they don’t follow the plan that they’ve set out for themselves. Something happens and throws them off track.

All of a sudden they’re like, they feel really bad about it. Then those bad feelings lead them to more overeating and, and it just gets worse and worse.

Guilt is one of those things that we all have at some point, but it’s really not valuable to you unless it’s going to push you to positive action. And it generally doesn’t.

Most people who feel guilty just feel bad. They feel anxious, they feel down, and that only leads you to a different bad place. So give up that guilt and then you’ll be able to overcome your binge eating and overeating.

I really hope that I’ve said something today that’s connected with you.

Ivana Chapman

Help With Eating Disorders (Canada)


Help With Eating Disorders (US)


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Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman

Ivana Chapman BSc BA CSCS is a Canadian fitness and nutrition coach, happy wife, and mom to an energetic 8-year-old boy. She is a YouTuber, writer, published fitness model, speaker, 3rd Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, former World Cup Karate Champion, one-time marathoner, and CBBF National level Natural Bikini competitor. She loves weight training and chocolate, not always in that order of preference.
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