How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

Is this a year you’re going to make your dreams happen?

Watch this video and I’ll show you how you can stick to your new year’s resolutions this year.

Hi, it’s Ivana.

If you want to make sure that those resolutions are going to stick this year, I’ve got just the tips you need. I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach and I help people reach their fitness and health goals.

I’m going to do this video so you can achieve any goals that you’ve got in mind for 2020.

Make sure you watch to the end because I’m going to share my goals for 2020 and what I plan to do to make sure that I stick to them.

Keep Your New’s Year’s Resolutions by Prioritizing

My first tip is to prioritize. Now, this probably won’t be the year when you lose weight. Set a personal best in the deadlift. Write a book, run a marathon, learn a new language, learn a new musical instrument and visit 10 countries.

But it can be the year that you do one or two of those things. Maybe three last year I put off writing a book which has been on my resolution list over and over and over again because I didn’t think it was a priority.

Instead I redid my website ( and I started this YouTube channel, which I’m super excited about. I also worked on my Czech language skills cause that was really important to me. And I started learning piano, which has been on my list for a long time.

So it’s a few things. I could have had a few more on there, but I wouldn’t have gotten everything done if I didn’t prioritize.

Decide what really matters to you, what’s important.

What will make you happy? What’s gonna make you feel fulfilled if you finish it by the end of this year?

Make sure you choose something that really speaks to you.

Track Your Progress

The next one is track your progress.

You want to do a weekly and monthly check in with yourself about your progress on your particular goal.

If you don’t keep track, you’re not going know where you are. You’re going to feel that your motivation starts to wane. So look at it every week and every month.

Decide where you are, what you could be doing differently.

Can you improve or are you progressing at a good rate?

So evaluate, take a look at least every week and then every month.


Keep Your New Year’s Resolution By Rewarding Yourself

My next tip is reward yourself. Having an incentive can greatly increase your chances of reaching your goal. Just make sure that your reward is somehow in line with the goal that you have in mind. So don’t reward yourself with an all you can eat buffet. As soon as you lose your first pound, if weight loss is your goal, uh, maybe you a few are striving for weight loss and you lose let’s say five or 10 pounds, maybe you can buy yourself some new workout clothes to make that experience a little bit more enjoyable or wireless headset or something, something that sense and helps promote your steps towards that goal.

Be Accountable To Someone

My next tip for making your new year’s resolution stick is to be accountable to someone. Make that goal public. Tell your family, tell your friends, and now it’s an on Facebook, whatever it takes to solidify that goal, get it out there and make you have a stronger commitment to it. It’s also important to have either an accountability partner or a coach, someone who can really be there in that journey with you. When things get tough, they’re going to help push you along and they’re going to track and monitor your progress as well. So make sure that you have someone guiding you through and holding you accountable.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions By Finding A Strong Reason

Now here’s one that a lot of people miss and that’s find a strong reason. Although it’s great to just want to lose weight for the sake of your health or to look a little bit better. It’s not really that strong a reason, so you need to find something very specific to you that’s going to turn off the notch, kind of increase the intensity of why you want to achieve this school.

Maybe there’s someone you want to impress. Maybe you want to be a great role model for your children.

I’ll tell you what happened with me in terms of learning Czech, which is the language of the country where I was born (the Czech Republic). I had stopped speaking it when I was four years old when I went to school and I was only speaking English because I’m here in Canada. And I decided when I would knew I was going to have a child that I wanted to speak that language with my child. So I started learning check again using some apps on the computer and trying to get back to that language again. And my main motivator was so that I could speak with my child pretty much five years along the line. And we’re a little bit further down now. I now know that I can speak that language a lot better and I’m also still trying to improve.

Now my son is pretty much bilingual and he’s able to speak to my grandmother. So his great grandmother who doesn’t speak any English.

That for me is a really powerful reason for learning that language. That’s what’s kept me going through the language learning process.

Modify Your Goals As Needed

My last tip for keeping your resolutions this year is modify your goals as needed. Don’t feel that you need to stick to that commitment, even though it doesn’t make sense for you anymore. So the year is just an arbitrary marker. It doesn’t really mean anything. You can start your goal anytime. It doesn’t really matter if the goal that you’ve made for yourself at the start of the year no longer make sense for you, then modify it, change it completely. Go for something else that you’ve decided is more important. Remember that things can change at any point along the year. So don’t be afraid of starting new goals and achieving things throughout the year.

My New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Now I’m going to share my new year’s resolutions this year so I can put them out there in a public place and people will know about them and that’s will solidify that goal for me. So I’ve got a couple of them.

The first one is that I’m going to work on French. I’m from Canada, but I only did a few years of French in school. I’m very much a beginner when it comes to French. My niece who is nine years old has been in French immersion for a few years. I would really like to be able to communicate with her in French.

That’s my reason for trying to pursue the language. Again, I’m really enjoying learning Czech as well, so I’m going to continue with that as I try to learn French.

The other goal I have is to improve my skiing and skating. So that’s something that I do with my son and with my husband. We really enjoy that as a family. I want to get a bit more skilled at those things. We’re going to go more often.

We’ve got some skis this year, so I’m really excited about that. That means there’s going to be a lot more skiing and we’re going to do a lot more skating.

Those are the goals I have for this year.

Please do share whatever your new year’s resolutions are. If you have any. And if you don’t, please tell me why you haven’t made any resolutions. And if it just doesn’t make sense for you, cause that’s okay too. Let me know in the comments below.

Ivana Chapman

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