Exercises To Improve Balance For Sports

If you want to improve your balance for whatever sport you’re doing, watch this video as I show you some balance exercises for athletes…whether you’re serious or just a weekend athlete

Why Balance Is Important

Balance is essential for sports.

And my background is in martial arts and karate particularly. So I’ve always been concerned about balance. And being able to move particularly on one leg.

So a lot of these exercises are lower body balance exercises. You’re going to be on one leg and trying to challenge your stability.

Because that’s how most athletic movements work.

List Of Balance Exercises For Athletes

Front Leg Swings 

Single Leg Hold With Arms Up 

Hold the leg up in the air for 5-10 seconds.

Leg Swings With Hands Up

Single Leg Hold

Hold the leg up in the air for 5-10 seconds.

Lateral Leg Raise 

Keep the hips facing the front and lift the leg to the side.

RDL Touchdowns 

Skater Hops 

Leg Hold With Arm Rotations


Hold your balance as well as you can while you rotate the arm up and down. Make sure to switch legs.

Floating Lunge 

Keep the back leg “floating” as you work your way into a lunge position.

Hip External Rotations


Try to keep stable as you bring your knee out to the side slowly. This is also a good abs exercise.

Leg Lift & Reach

Lunge with knee lift 

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Ivana Chapman

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