Diastasis Recti Exercises For Men

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Are you a man with abdominal separation?

I’ve created this video with four diastasis recti exercises.

Hi, this is Ivana, helping you get fit healthy and strong at any age.

I should say right off the bat that of course women can do these exercises as well.

I’ve just found that looking around there aren’t enough videos directed at men for diastasis recti.

I’ve already created a video about diastasis recti. That’ll give you all the information about things to avoid and some other important information about TVA strengthening. So check that out as well.

Seated Chair Squeeze

The first diastasis recti exercise is the seated chair squeeze. I really like it because a lot of us spend a lot of time seated. It’s an easy way of practicing this exercise and activating the TVA.

What I’ve heard from a lot of guys is they, if, especially if they have larger bellies, they have a hard time feeling that area and pressing in. So what do you actually want to do is find the hip bones and then come in about an inch and then drive down really hard.

If you do have some squishy areas to go through, just press right through, because you want to find that area that’s really quite low there. Velow your belly button, everything below there, and that’s what we’re going to focus on.

First you’re going to release that belly out. Just let it hang out as much as you want. And then you’re going to breathe out and then pull that lower area in hold the belly button in towards the spine. And you can even put your fingers on there and just feel that TA popping underneath your fingers. It shouldn’t actually be that strongest sensation. Sometimes that’s the rectus abdominis, the stronger six-pack muscle on the top. It should actually be quite a subtle sensation and then you release it back out and just let it all out.

Ideally, you’re going to hold this for about 20 seconds and you’re going to try to do it about three times. So we’ve come out and pulling in, just feeling in that area. Should I actually be able to breathe? Although it’s hard to speak, just keeping that in and then after 20 seconds release.

That would be one set and you’re going to do three sets of 20 seconds.

Supported Stomach Vacuum

Now I’ve done a few videos for the stomach vacuum. I’ve gotten some really good feedback about the one that I showed, where you’re leaning over the counter. It’s easier to activate the TVA and to get that contraction, not position. This is the second of the diastasis recti exercises.

So hopefully you can see this here.

You’re leaning over. You breathe it out first. Just let that belly out. Let it hang forward and then breathe in and then breathe up.

You want to hold it there for about to 30 seconds. Just drawing in. Pulling the belly button in towards your spine as you’re doing this one.

That should train the TVA and help with diastasis recti.

Draw In Maneuver

Now you’re going to get down on the floor for the next of the diastasis recti exercises, the draw in maneuver.

On your knees, pull it up on your toes at the back there. You’re going to bring your hands in front and just to support you, but keep them fairly close to where your knees are. And again, you’re going to release your belly out. Just let it hang out fully from the bottom and keeping the focus below your belly button in that area. Then your breathe out.

So again, working for about 20 seconds.

It’s quite gentle, but you really want to focus on that area between your hip bones and just make sure that that’s talking in. So I’m gonna set it up again. As you breathe out, you’re pulling in with that lower part below your belly button and think about your belly button coming towards your spine and everything below just drawing in

You hold for 20 seconds. And you’re going to want to do a couple of those as well.


Now with this exercise marching, you’re going to use that contraction that you’ve learned that TVA contraction.

And you’re going to try to maintain that while challenging yourself slightly with the leg movement. So you’re going to activate first focus on that area between the hip bones, bring both legs up. And now you’re going to try to draw that in. You can do the same release if you want, than we did before.

Just kind of release the belly and then pull it in. And now slowly one leg at a time and then come back up. That whole time you want to focus on pulling in the same way you did with the previous exercise. Pull in and you can flatten your back as well to maintain that slowly. You can release it a little bit in between. But every time you move your leg, make sure you have a strong TVA contraction first. Squeeze and then slowly move.

It’s particularly hard coming up. So make sure that you’re squeezing the TVA. It’ll help if you’re rotating the pelvis and pushing the lower back flat onto the ground and then opposite leg.

Don’t move the legs too quickly. You’re just going to take over with the hip flexors and that’s not what you want to do. It needs to be a slow movement. Really squeeze the belly button in towards the spine. Flatten the back and really tighten up before there’s movement.

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Ivana Chapman

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Ivana Chapman

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