Ways to Change Your Workout

man lifting barbell in dark gym

Time to change that same exercise he’s been doing for months.

Have you been doing the same old workout for weeks or months?

Does it feel like 8-12 is the only rep range that exists and you’re so bored of goblet squats that you feel like throwing that damn dumbbell across the room?

You won’t get the same result if you keep doing the same thing over and over. Your body adapts and won’t be inspired to continue making progress if you don’t give it a new challenge.

Time for a change!

Many Ways to Change

Let’s start off by talking weight training, because that should be the core of your fitness and physique plan. No other training method or activity gives you the ability to mould your body so precisely.

Try changing:

Your Rep Range

If you normally do sets of 10, try sets of 6 or sets of 15 for a few weeks. You’ll stimulate some different muscle fibres and may push your body through a plateau.

The Number of Sets you do 

Most people do 3 sets of each exercise. I didn’t take a survey or check any research, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Try changing things up by doing either 2 sets, or 4 or 5 of the same exercise. Some research shows that complete beginners can improve with just one set of each exercise, but let’s hedge our bets and assume that you’ll need at least two. That means you’re forced to come up with a few more exercises for each workout. Or try five sets, in which case you’ll have to drop an exercise or two from your routine.

The Exercises You’re Doing


But you’d be surprised at how many people do the exact same exercise for months (or years!) at a time without any variation. Forget squats for a couple of months and focus on deadlifts. Or try Front Squats or Jefferson Squats instead of the standard Back Barbell Squats you’ve been doing for years. There’s and encyclopedia of exercises out there…so do some research or get a professional coach to guide you.

Your Rest Period

Maybe you take exactly 90 seconds between each exercise…or maybe you run right from one exercise to another – circuit-style. Whatever you’re doing, it’s time to mix it up a little. If you give yourself more rest you’re be able to develop your strength, and the result could be gains in muscle. Or maybe you need to condition your heart with shorter rest periods and lighter weights once in a while.

Go Nuts!

Here’s the final change…just go crazy and throw your routine completely out. I mean it. Skip the weights for a week or two and just do some sprint work. Or take some kettlebell classes at the gym. Or even some Zumba or Yoga. Nuts, I know!

Sometimes you just need to shake it up a little bit, for the sake of your body and your mental state. You’ll probably be even more enthusiastic about your weights regime when you get back into it.

Trust me, once in a while, change is good.

Ivana Chapman