Finding your Perfect Diet

woman carrying groceries

Find the diet that works for you.

What’s the best diet?

There’s no such thing as a perfect diet that works for everyone.

Everybody is a little different physically, physiologically, and psychologically, so the ideal diet varies from person to person. Sure, there are a few general statements that we could make – like processed trans fats are bad and vegetables are good – but even those depend on the circumstances and quantity.

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable that’s high in vitamin C and fiber, and may have anti-cancer properties. Yet if someone has digestive issues then eating broccoli may contribute to intestinal bloating and gas. Some people thrive on dairy products, while others don’t tolerate them.

Few foods are either “good” or “bad”.

What’s important is how your body feels when you consume them. The best diet is the diet that’s sustainable for you, makes you feel good, and helps you achieve your health and physique goals. Experiment until you find a stable nutrition plan that you’re happy with…for life.

Ivana Chapman