“Ivana has transformed my body! I have lost over 5% body fat in only three months and my fitness level hasn’t been this good in a decade. Highly recommended.”

Omar Jabri, Senior Patent Attorney at Apotex Inc. – Toronto, Canada


“I worked with Ivana for about almost two years and benefited tremendously from her instruction. My overall knowledge around fitness, how to work out, how to eat and generally how to be healthy greatly improved. I exceeded my goals in my first year and have been able to maintain my weight and activity levels for over five years now. I highly recommend working with Ivana!”

Stephen Ellis, Executive Vice President at Infusion Development – Toronto, Canada


“Before training with Ivana, I did not exercise regularly or pay much attention to my physical fitness. She trained me from the ground up, teaching me the fundamentals of weight training and nutrition. Over the course of two years, I built significant muscle and lost fat, making me feel more confident and happy.”

Miller Peterson, Full Stack Engineer at OANDA Corporation – Toronto, Canada


“I’ve worked with Ivana for years and believe she is one of the best and most effective trainers available. Ivana listens to my needs and goals and then puts together customized workout and nutrition programs that are innovative, challenging and backed up with sound science. Whenever I thought I could not do something she convinced me I could with equal parts encouragement and bullwhip (and she was always right!)”

Stephen McPherson, International Investment Banker and M&A Specialist – Kitchener, Canada


“Ivana is the real deal. She taught me how to train differently and safely, but more importantly how to make it enjoyable and incorporate it into my lifestyle. For that, I can’t thank her enough!”

Bill Baldasti, Vice President Canada at Infusion – Toronto, Canada


“One of the best decisions I made this year was to work with a personal trainer.  Although I was going to the gym regularly, I knew I was not getting the most out of my workouts.  I was lucky to find Ivana, who quickly put me on the right track.  Now, I look forward to my time at the gym.  Ivana has also provided me with great diet-related information.  Family and friends have noticed a difference.  I have recommended Ivana to others and would train with her again without hesitation.”

Lyle M. – Toronto, Canada


“Ivana is an amazing person and her training programs are phenomenal to say the least. She has guided me through some of the most intense training regimes for high level sport including Rugby Union and National Aerobatic Flying! Ivana can and will help you succeed at your goals- the only thing you need is the motivation and drive to achieve. Ivana is not just a Personal Trainer…she is a life coach! Thanks Ivana.”

Ryan C., Enterprise Sales Executive – Auckland, New Zealand


“When I started working out with Ivana I hadn’t been doing any type of consistent physical exercise since High School gym class. At the time I was traveling a lot, not eating well, sedentary and dealing with the stress of a busy life. Ivana taught me and worked me hard and pushed me far beyond any limits I thought I had. Over time physical fitness became a regular part of my life. I had the confidence to work out on my own and not only did my health improve, but I found that my stress level also fell.

Thank you Ivana for getting me on track.”

Alim Somani, Seasoned Executive & Entrepreneur – Markham, Canada


“I trained on and off with Ivana. during my training with her, I never felt better in my daily life. She was informative ,concerned with my welfare, and was very motivational. I would recommend her highly to any busy executive that needs guidance help and motivation to enhance their dilly routine.”

Clarence Whylie, CEO at Whylie Financial – Toronto, Canada


“Ivana is a fabulous coach that we would recommend to anyone interested in original, challenging and creative workouts that produce results. She is always pleasant, positive, professional, and has a great sense of humor. The workouts Ivana created for us were challenging and customized to our individual needs, which in turn gave us increased strength and greater body satisfaction. Ivana is a dedicated coach who is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. If you have the chance to learn from Ivana, it is a chance that should not be missed!”

Samantha & Hannah Galway – Toronto, Canada

From a young age, I struggled with my weight. I found out, when I was 22, I had hypothyroidism. I gained more weight than I ever had before (over 60lbs in a year). I struggled to lose the weight and the medication only helped so much. I tried everything from shakes for all my meals, to practically starving myself, to trying all the fad exercise diets and plans, seeing doctors, nutritionists, and so on. I did lose some weight after hardly eating a thing and exercising every day doing Pilates, jogging, walking, and weights (done incorrectly, I might add). I was just pounds from my goal weight when everything imploded. My body started to gain weight after a year of keeping the weight off. It came on in leaps and bounds. The medical industry just told me to eat less. I was already eating bird size portions. This lead to a very bad relationship with good that I am still trying to overcome, but it is much easier with Ivana on my side. Since I have been working with her, my weight has gone down consistently. I have energy, feel better about myself and the way I look at food. I look forward to my workouts that she customized for my situation and they are now w a time I look forward to, my “me time”. I can’t believe how much I’m supposed to eat of good, healthy, protein rich foods a day. It is yummy food too. I’m forever grateful for Ivana. She is the only one I trust to look after my health and nutrition. She is supportive, she keeps you motivated and most important she is knowledgeable and will do all she can to help you reach your goals. Thanks Ivana, your help has meant more to me than you will ever know. I feel in control of my life again and food and me; we’re finally starting to become friends.

Stacey Burns, Marketing Director, Australia

Lean365 Members

“It’s been great so far. Workouts are clear and easy to follow. Nutrition is always the big one, but it’s such individualistic criteria that a blanket instruction won’t cover everyone. I like how the nutrition changes are gradual and aimed at educating smarter life choices rather than being on “a diet” or a workout plan that usually isn’t sustainable long-term.”

James Brosnahan, Germany

“Workouts are great, today’s will kick my ass, but I’m ok with that!”

Stephanie Alouche, Canada

“Ok, so I’ve got an important meeting this morning and I dug out my smart trousers. I bought them for a conference I did in October and they were so tight that when I sat down they gave me a stomach ache. Haven’t worn them since! This morning I thought I’d try them out and they not only fit but there’s a bit of room. Now that’s a good start to the morning. High five Ivana!!!”

Pam Aitch, England